Hire salespeople in pairs

Startups should try to hire salespeople in pairs. This is particularly important when spinning up a new channel (<em>e.g.,</em> launching in a new market, opening up a partner channel, or kicking off outbound sales).

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Understanding tacit knowledge

As great as it would be to solve all problems with clearly defined processes and documented knowledge, the reality is that most organisational knowledge tends to be tacit. So, companies should factor this into their ways of working.

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Australia to quash angel investing

The Australian Government is about to make it nearly impossible for successful startup workers to reinvest their earnings into new startups. Let’s explore the upcoming changes and how they will affect startups, workers, and the Australian economy.

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Stepping on toes

How much should competent people, confidently managing their responsibilities, meddle in the affairs of other teams they perceive to be dropping the ball?

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Processes make inexperienced people wiser, and experienced people dumber

People hate process, but process is crucial to scaling a businesses. Today, we explore the difference between good and bad processes, and ways to ensure startups can benefit from standardisation, rather than suffer.

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Tackle hard problems to turn walls into moats

Many startup leaders shy away from the most painful problems. Whether it’s too hard to build, too hard to sell, or requires massive scale to achieve viable economics, there are many reasons to put opportunities in the too-hard basket. But tackling difficult problems is how we build differentiation in startups.

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Effective startup leaders cultivate soft power

Every day, a great strategy fails in a startup because a leader underinvested in trust and relationship building or unnecessarily took autonomy away from individuals or a team. This week, we explore how Joseph Nye’s framework for soft and hard power can help startup leaders to motivate their teams and enact change in their organisation.

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There are no “technical initiatives” — only ones you don’t understand

Many product managers don’t know how to prioritise technical work against new features. This is because they don’t have a deep enough understanding of the value of certain technical work. This week, we explore the ways to unify these often separate work streams.

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Rediscovering progress

We’re entering an exhilarating period of technological development, but most of us haven’t noticed. Grim expectations for the future pervade despite our progress towards solving many of our most worrying problems and overwhelming improvements to quality of life.

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Your engineering org chart is your roadmap

As startups grow, leaders must decide how to structure their engineering teams. This week, we explore some principles for how to divide product development efforts across multiple engineering teams.

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How org design influences problem solving

Most startups let their organisational structure organically develop as they scale, but organisational design can surprisingly greatly impact outcomes. This week, we explore how org design influences the way leaders and teams solve problems.

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Great startup leaders embrace conflict and discomfort

Leaders should create a fulfilling, enjoyable, and ergonomic workplace. But over optimising for comfort could lead to mediocre outcomes for your startup.

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How to choose KPIs for your startup

Ambitious projects need ambitious goals, but bad KPIs can do more harm than good. This week, we look at some principles for defining measurable goals within a startup.

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Why development teams slow down

When I talk to founders, I often hear complaints about the pace of product development. “We used to move so quickly, but now we’ve barely delivered anything all year.” This week, we look at some of the most common causes of reduced software delivery.

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Build credibility with case studies and testimonials

It’s easy to convince potential customers to take a risk on your product if you have irrefutable proof that it will deliver results.

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Is your startup a good idea?

Startups are ideas in action. However, not all ideas are created equal. Let’s explore how startup leaders can use the concepts of feasibility, desirability, and viability to quickly and reliably validate startup, product, and feature ideas.

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Tackling customer churn

Startups often neglect customer retention until churn becomes a severe problem. Successful early-stage startups tend to grow quickly, and growth hides churn. But churn is usually a big problem for startups before they notice it. Churn can seriously hamper growth at all startup stages, and when a startup grows without managing customer retention, it turns into a leaky bucket. Eventually, no matter how much you sell, churn will drag you down.

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Product documentation 101 for startups

Most startups under-invest in their product documentation — when you’re busy with reactive customer support, it’s hard to justify proactive work like documentation. However, quality user documentation can dramatically reduce support team workloads and free up product development and customer acquisition resources.

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Always look for the problem

While it’s common for product managers and engineers to look for underlying problems when they receive a feature request, teams rarely apply the same scrutiny to internal operational suggestions. This week, we explore how ideas for new processes can harm a startup.

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Great startups challenge industry norms

Airbnb, Figma, and a few other high-profile tech companies have abolished the product manager role within their organisations. What can startups learn from this controversial move?

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Why startups should act their age

The best strategies and ways of working for early-stage companies can lead to chaos and quality problems for mature companies. Similarly, early-stage companies that adopt mature ways of working can move too slowly and burn through runway, when they should be finding product-market fit.

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Find the best opportunities and solutions with divergent ideation

As you build a startup, selecting the right problems to solve and coming up with effective solutions is crucial. The principles of divergence and convergence can help leaders to understand and improve the problem-solving process.

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Manage cognitive load to build a productive startup

The negative impact of cognitive overload on productivity is well-established in research, but startup leaders rarely factor this into their strategy and operations. This week, we explore strategies to reduce cognitive load and improve startup productivity.

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Developer velocity drives business growth

McKinsey claims that companies with great developer velocity achieve four to five times faster revenue growth, better operating margins, brand perception, talent management, and shareholder returns. This week, we explore the ways startup leaders can accelerate developer velocity.

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Great startups are idea meritocracies

The best startups are committed to outcomes. In an idea meritocracy, all people raise ideas, regardless of their position. Ideas are rigorously evaluated, quantified, and debated.

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