Over the past four years, I noticed how almost every person I talked to did not know the answer to that question. They held one-on-ones — but felt in the dark if their one-on-ones could be run better (or, if they were working at all).

In these guides, you’ll learn…

  • The purpose of one-on-one meetings: What’s the point?
  • How long, how often, and with who to hold one-on-ones with
  • How to prepare for a one-on-one meeting
  • The best 8 questions to ask during a one-on-one
  • What to put on your one-on-one meeting agenda (with 4 agenda templates)
  • How to get honest insights from your one-on-one
  • Best practices for writing notes during a one-on-one meeting

— Claire Lew (2018, August 8). Announcing: A Guide to One-on-One Meetings for Managers and Employees

Excellent and concise resource for managers and employees doing one-on-ones. Easy to peruse and find takeaways.