Most commentary on Big Tech is coming from voices with an obvious slant—people who've already made up their minds regarding the impact and morality of these companies and what we should do about them. I believe the situation we find ourselves in is a lot more complicated than most journalists tend to acknowledge and that it's important for people with a deeper understanding of technology business models to join the conversation.

Faster Times is a blog intended to contribute to this conversation. Each Big Tech player behaves differently, with a unique business model, culture and overall focus. I don't know exactly where I land on every issue, but I'm eager to explore these topics without trying to push any specific agenda.

About the author

I'm Brandon Sheppard, a software executive who has lead Product/R&D, Strategy, Customer Experience and Professional Services functions within the SaaS start-up ecosystem for the past decade. Currently, I serve as Chief Product Officer for a B2B platform in the ecommerce space. Lean more about my approach to product development.